First blog post!

Hello world! Wow! That actually took a lot of guts for me just to write that sentence. That’s right, up to my 24 years and 5 month existence, this is the first blog post I have ever written. It was terrifying to even think about, but now that I have done it, it is an absolute relief! I really never thought this day would come! Well, I think I did know it would come, it just took me so darn long to finally put to press the keys and get my thoughts up here! Anyways, it’s good to have that out of the way.

I intend to use this blog space as a place where I can express my current experiences as I navigate through the heart of my twenties and hopefully connect with others of you who can relate to this. I would say the three big themes of what I have experienced up to this point in my life are emblematic of the title of this post and overall blog: Funny, Fearful, and Unknown. That’s right. Those are probably the three main emotions I carry with me as I navigate this time of my life when societally I feel I have been given free reign to journey off into the world and make something of myself when in reality I wish there was some sort of God-like mentor figure with a long white beard leading me along the path to my greatest destiny while offering me pithy statements of encouragement that make me feel warm and cosy inside. In short, it would be like Gandalf the Grey/White is to Frodo Baggins or Dumbledore is to Harry Potter. Obviously, it’s not like that, but please let me stand corrected if someone has met a brilliant wizardly-figure-like mentor! I am extremely envious of you.

This guy would make an awesome mentor.

Since I lack the apprenticeship to a sorcerer, up to this point in my life, I have mainly observed the many relationships I have had with people as a sort of compass for me to follow and fulfill my destiny of expressing myself. There have been many moments when meeting the right person has led to new opportunities, but one thing that has been on my mind lately is that of following my own destiny on my own terms. Instead of relying the approval and dependence of others to further me along my path, I realize it is my own personal truth, as hard as it is to swallow, to create this path for myself. As a millenial who grew up in the abundant and hopeful time of the 90s, it is really within this past year that I have realized that there is no longer a person or a system that is there to be holding my hand all the time. I have to break off the training wheels I’ve had on the “bicycle of my life” and learn to balance of my own, spread my mature wings out of the nest in which I was raised, or [insert allegory describing personal growth or maturity].

Yay! No training wheels!!! But, on second thought…

Therefore friends, it is with great enthusiasm (along with a lot of fear and humor of the unknown) that I share my process of “adulting” with you. By now means am I trying to force you readers to be empathetic, amused, disturbed, or flat out bored with my musings. I am merely trying to connect with you in this vast shared virtual world we refer to as the web (or internet, if you want to get fancy.) I hope you’ll enjoy my ride as much as I do (which I’m really hoping I do )


Funny Fearful Guy of the Unknown

Author: funnyfearfulguyoftheunknown

Just a guy waxing poetic about the funny, fearful, and unknown, all based on the occurrences and musings of daily life and spirituality.

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