Trumped Again: Au Revoir, Paris!

So, you probably all know about our fearless leader Donald Trump and his plans to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Well, if you don’t, the coverage is here. from a self-proclaimed conservative website, so no excessive liberal bias here. Basically, Trump is upset that the current climate deal punishes the United States too much for the amount of Green House emissions we project into the atmosphere. Well, how else do we discourage Big Oil and Big Corporate from continuously pumping fossil crap into our atmosphere. I mean, seriously! As the biggest polluter, doesn’t the USA deserve to be taxed more for our carbon emissions? It’s not like the money is just disappearing into the thin air. It will help communities pay for the services and upkeep of sustainable energies. Trump wants to dilly-dally and “renegotiate” a deal that he claims will be better for out country. In reality, I hate to ruin his idealized vision, but he wants to find a way to keep his upper-crust friends happy-since they are continuing to support him as the United States’ esteemed leader.

How could one NOT extend any deal that was born in the beautiful City of Paris, City of Light!

Ah, I could on and on with my liberal view-point but the main point, without sounding cliché, is that we, the people, can influence change. There is little use in complaining when you can organize, take action, call Senators and House Representatives. Not to toot my own horn, but I have done just that and it feels GREAT to exercise my democracy. Yes, it was scary at first, just like it was scary for me to write my first blog post. But, I did it. And it felt REALLY GOOD. So, my friends, whether it be the crazy political time we live or simply your own decision to finally got up off the couch and do what you’ve been THINKING but never DOING, then this, my post, is a cheers to you. Seriously.  Try what you’ve always thought of trying, even if you have that doubtful voice in your head that says, “What’s the point. You’re not going to stick to it anyways. And I want to make some money!” Doesn’t matter. Get up, start doing it, and keep doing. This worked for me when I wanted to start getting in shape, helped my study habits in high school and college, and I am planning of having this model assist me in my blogging career. Environmental groups are doing this. Jason Alexander, George Constanza on Seinfeld, failed 1,000 times before he booked a single role in television or film.  Oprah was fired from many jobs as a reporter before she made it big. You’ve got to keep going. I could go with quotes like, “There is Nothing to Fear, but Fear Itself!” but I think you catch my drift. And so what, if you fail, you can always look at it from a comical perspective.

In Good Taste,

Funny, Fearful Guy of the Unknown


Author: funnyfearfulguyoftheunknown

Just a guy waxing poetic about the funny, fearful, and unknown, all based on the occurrences and musings of daily life and spirituality.

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