I am inspired now, via the 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers

I am inspired now.  Because of the Dodgers.

I am inspired now.  I had somewhat of a rough week in some ways, or at least so I thought, in the relativity of my own life.  While I pursue my acting career, I auditioned and had two callbacks, no offer for either them.  No worries, just keep on rolling.  Driving on Saturday, I was rear ended driving due to a faulty navigation glitch that game out of nowhere.  No worries.  Yesterday, neck a little stiff, I still edged myself out of my bed at 8 am in the morning to get ready for another audition.  Well, before that, I spoke with insurance, and then went to audition.  I took an Uber pool, met some amazing people, including a dancer and friend of hers visiting from Dallas, had an amazing conversation with the Uber driver (who I wish I could give 6 stars), went into the audition rooms, and just left all of what I wanted to do on the stage (literally, in the form of words).  I then pledged to continue to meet up with a friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in a long time to brainstorm a project idea we had come up with a year ago, but I took the scenic route by train to appreciate our cities’ beautiful neighborhoods.  I met up with my friend, neck a little stiff, but I was still determined to catch up with him and  brainstorm ideas for a project we want to create together.  I was so glad I did, because I left feeling both more accomplished and connected to my friend, who I hadn’t seen in over a year.  I went home, took a well-deserved nap, woke up, and then it happened.

I watched the 2017 Dodgers do what they always do-find a way to win, even when they are down, when they are feeling the pain, when all hope seems lost.  And to add to it, all against their feared rivals, the San Francisco Giants, the team, who, although has struggled greatly this year and is literally the antithesis of the Dodgers, still strike fear in the bottom of every Dodger fans heart.  I’ll admit, I respect the San Francisco Giants, as gut wrenching as that may be.  It seems like I was about to dole out more respect for a team that never gives a game away to the Dodgers, but then, it happened.  Uber-talented (see what I did there) and formerly mercurial right fielder Yasiel Puig continued his 2017 dependability and consistency, and tied the game in the ninth.  Later, in the 11th inning, the Giants found a way to possibly steal the win away from the Dodgers when they scored on a flare through center field.  The sting of previous Dodger losses and seasons that feel so far away this year suddenly came haunting back.  Chris Taylor, a quiet and pleasantly surprising hero from this year who has brilliantly filled in the absence of long tenured and consistent fan favorite, Andre Ethier, was unable to produce in the clutch in this game.  No matter.  No worries.  Unlike previous Dodger seasons, where only a few clutch players were dependable, with names like Matt Kemp, The Ramirez’s (Hanley and Manny,) and Adrian Gonzalez, this Dodger team points to no one in particular to find a way to produce in the clutch.  Even the fresh off the farm rookie making his MLB debut, Kyle Farmer, maintained composure and focus while 50,000 plus fans cheered from all directions against an underperforming but determined Giants team who wanted this win more than anything just to show they could beat the infallible 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers.  But the Giants couldn’t beat them.  The spirit of persistence, focus, and resilience once again guided the Boys in Blue to another miraculous victory, a victory that lifted this life-long Dodger fan off his couch and suddenly forget about all the slings and arrows that may have been thrown at him this past week.  The Dodgers find a way to extinguish their demons whenever they may come because they have the heart, soul, patience, and focus of literally living in the moment, making no excuses, and executing every swing, throw, catch, and stolen base as if it’s the first one they’ve achieved all season.  That’s a formula for success, folks.  The formula for a winning season.  A championship team (there, I said it-the magic of this team shall protect any hex or jinx #Let’sGoDodgers)

These 2017 Dodgers are something else.

Most importantly, the resilience of this Dodger team is a powerful metaphor to use in life, no matter what background, ethnicity, nationality, occupation, or political leaning a person may have.  If anything, this is the emphasis of this post:  There is no reason to wallow in the past or stress about the future.  The present moment holds the key to fulfillment and happiness.  Eckhart Tolle and Alan Watts speak about this all the time, and newer voices such as Alexi Panos and Prince Ea are preaching this same gift we have.  The ability to simply live in the moment, in the present.  When we do that, just as the 2017 Dodgers do and I’ll admit, the 2010, 2012, and 2014 San Francisco Giants did, is we don’t need to wish or desire for things to happen.  We don’t fear for things happening that we may not have liked in the past.  Instead, we focus and live fully in the moment we are in.  That is the true definition of living.


Happy Monday Everyone.  Here’s to Peace and Living in the Moment,


Funny Fearful Guy



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