Keep Calm and Be Real…(#FOMOME)

Forget accolades.  Forget winning the prize.  Forget the endgame.  Do what you do because you have to or it enlivens your life so much that you are not really living if you aren’t.

This is how I am planning on living my life from this point on.  It is so much more freeing and natural.  It’s just simple.  There really isn’t too much to write about this topic.  I can say that I am glad a figure such as Jim Carrey has spoken out about this as well.  Fulfilling the ego is like filling a bottomless glass:  it will never be enough.  Fill yourself instead with knowledge and experiences that light your soul on fire (not literally, of course, unless you are wearing a burn suit and are a stunt person.)  There won’t be any pit to fill or a social status to achieve.  It will just be fulfilling.  Period.

In my opinion, FOMO (the fear of missing out) is an illness.  It serves no other purpose than to simply create anxiety and a need to feel like one is ‘hip,” in the know, or popular.  That’s why I have created the acronym/hashtag #FOMOME:  the fear of missing out on meaningful experiences.  That’s what I believe we should be fearing to miss out on.

Meaningful doesn’t mean it needs to be what is popular, or is an experience shared with a hundred, a thousand, or ten-thousand people.  It simply means it’s something that makes you feel more whole.  Feeling more whole can simply mean going on a walk by yourself for an hour or even lying in bed.  If you feel tired and see to it that it will be fulfilling to lie in bed, lie in bed a bit longer.  However, if you know you can be fulfilled personally with something other than lying in bed, perhaps sleeping in past noon isn’t the answer.

All in all, I think we as human beings need to realize that what we need sometimes to make ourselves fulfilled is less of a constant rat-race of being the most seen person, showing ourselves off as the most trendy person with the latest clothes, technology, vernacular, taste in music-what is WAY more important is that we feel fulfilled how heartedly as a person being alive for the miracle of life that we are.  There is no need to impress someone as much as we need to impress ourselves with how perfect we are, regardless of our self-perceived or societally deemed “imperfections.”  The term “perfection” is inherently imperfect because perfect is a subjective term, not a factual or certain one.  It’s time we start living less “perfectly” as society may tell us to and rather more truly, honestly, and whole-heartedly.

Now, setting positive intentions is still a very positive thing to do-but we can set positive intentions without needing the approval of others.  Personally, my positive intention right now is to “live peacefully, happily, and passionately.”  While I do like the company of others, I don’t necessarily need others or the approval of others to fulfill myself.  I also think that fulfillment is not always something that needs to be sought after-it is something that happens when we free ourselves of expectation, anxiety, any oftentimes, vengeance or pay-back.

So in sum, live freely, and fulfillment will come.  #FOMEME.

-Funny Fearful Guy



Author: funnyfearfulguyoftheunknown

Just a guy waxing poetic about the funny, fearful, and unknown, all based on the occurrences and musings of daily life and spirituality.

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