2018 Resolutional/Inspirational/New Beginning Post…Or What You Will

2018.  Here we are.  After a hectic roller-coaster of a year 2017, the on-coming of 2018 was a welcome, if not renewing cleansing, arrival of a time to let go of both what may have caused us pain while also being humble about our triumphs in 2017.  In other words, the welcoming of a fresh slate, like that soft, comfortable, and fresh-out-of-the-store smelling, flex cotton tee you bought at the store or a cool, refreshing shower after venturing treacherously for hours in the crowded, lively jungle (both the literal and the concrete ones).  2018 is here.

The moment 2018 arrived I felt a rush of relief.  2017, while enjoyable at times, by December 31st felt like a nagging itch that I really just wanted to get rid of.  I welcomed the metaphor of the New Year completely renewing me and giving me a new life, a chance to embark on something new that was in front of me, where anything seemed possible and I had a peaceful feeling knowing I had a full brand new 365 and a third or whatever fraction was in front of me.  I felt a new sense of peace.  Not to mention, 18 is my lucky number and I felt thankful for being able to live in a year that had such a number, and may perhaps be the only chance I have at it in this lifetime (unless modern science makes us immortal or gives us incredible longevity, so I can see year 2118, and who knows, maybe…3018…but that’s for another post.)

After basking is this new-found joy, I realized this was no better time to hone in on how to live 2018 to the best it can be.  A guidebook of thoughts seemed to come to me with ease and inspiration.  Below, these are the truths of 2018 that came to me to make this my best year ever (or at least just a REALLY GOOD –BLEEPING– YEAR.  (Note…These truths are my truths and by no means do I mean to pressure the reader into following these exactly, or at all…it is simply an opportunity for me to share, and hopefully inspire the reader to develop and follow their own truths, or realize that one or more of the truths listed below fits into their make-2018-awesome guidebook.  That said, please try to enjoy 🙂

  1.  No expectations, only invitations.  (This is inspired by my good friend Mendy Alevsky, who told this to me in the past, but I feel this rings true for me this year more than ever.
  2. Strive for personal happiness and growth, use that newfound power and bliss, and THEN, only after feeling happy yourself, see how you can apply to loved ones, friends, and everyone else you come into contact with.  (Note-Still be there for others who need it, but don’t forget about yourself!)
  3.  Love all, serve all, talk to all.  (Somewhat inspired by Hard Rock Cafe’s Slogan, but this also rings true for me more than ever.)
  4. Continue to learn-with the Wonderment of a Child (Inspired by my friend Ben Whitehair, who also preaches this truth for the year-But think about–wonderment of a child!  Everything feels new and awesome!  Like when I saw a live theatre production for the first time, or a Major League Baseball Game, the movie The Lion King! –which never gets old.
  5. Only share with others and the world what you want to be a reflection of you (Ok, so this one actually reads kinda weird and snobbish to me myself, but I think the idea after looking over it again is that, yes, first impressions can and often do count, and sometimes we have to make this a priority–It’s still ok though to have your own private time and be the self you may not want others to see–it’s actually healthy to do this!  So yes, save yelling and punching your pillow and giving yourself over the top mirror pep-talks for home, or at least a very private bathroom.)
  6. Accept what is (‘Nuff said.)
  7. The right people come to you.  (This applies for work, relationships, and the Uber-Eats guy you just ordered from)
  8. Be Happy in Your Own Skin-Be Your Own Role Model (What’s more awesome than having the dream of being the best version of you!  You are the superhero of your dreams.)
  9. Find and/or maintain true and genuine mentors that want you to succeed, no matter where you are or what’s happened to you.  (Think Yoda/Gandalf/AlbusDumbledore/OprahWinfrey-People like that always stay by your side, through thick and thin.)
  10. You must be your biggest, but hardest and most critical advocate (This was actually inspired from when I watched CREED over the holidays and Sylvester Stallone “Rocky” tells Michael B. Jordan “Adonis Creed” that Your Biggest Enemy in the Ring is Yourself-All while they both stared at their own reflections, and then Adonis spars himself…that gave me chills.)
  11. Don’t dwell on things that are out of your control.  (It’s not worth it and a waste energy.  Live peacefully FIRST before embarking on something that may be physically or mentally arduous.  Or if you are already facing tough times, try to find peace in ways you know you are able to…trust me, you’ll find a way.)
  12. Do what you would do if money were no object (Generally speaking, obviously bills have to be paid and you’ve got to save up for Coachella somehow.  But even if you don’t make money from painting or playing guitar, do it because it FEEDS YOUR SOUL)
  13. Speak your truth, expect nothing in return (Sort of a step two to number one.
  14. Not everyone is Going to Like You or Agree With You-Live in the Now, Forget the Past-It doesn’t exist.  (This came to me as one sentence.  Past not existing credited to author Eckhart Tolle and blogger Sonia Ricotti.)
  15. Finally, hold yourself accountable for your actions, desires, and dreams–but it still helps to have someone you trust to hold you accountable too.  (This can be a parent, best friend, confidante, or boss–Sometimes good if intense, but make sure they mean well–Like the roar of Samuel L. Jackson in Coach Carter with the understanding and presence of Morgan Freeman in, well, everything he’s been in, and in real life.)

I hope you were able to identify with at least one of my personal truths for 2018, and if not, that’s ok.  A good alternative is that it inspires you to at least think about what you want your own personal truths for 2018 to be–you can even carry over truths from 2017 and before if that makes you more comfortable.  Either way, I appreciate you reading this far, and wish you health and happiness throughout this year and the years to come.

In the Spirit of the New Year,

Funny Fearful Guy

Author: funnyfearfulguyoftheunknown

Just a guy waxing poetic about the funny, fearful, and unknown, all based on the occurrences and musings of daily life and spirituality. https://www.facebook.com/funnyfearfulguyoftheunknown/

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