Personal Forgiveness and Forgiveness to Others

#forgiveness  Today’s post is about forgiveness.  Both personal and to others.  I think forgiveness is something that is often overlooked, because it can often be interpreted as a negative emotion or action.  In reality, however, forgiveness can be one of the most life-changing and conducive things you can do for yourself and others.  It’s natural to make mistakes in life.  To say things that may have felt right in your mind, only for you to recognize later may have hurt another person, even if that was not your intent at all.  Man, that’s what’s so crazy nowadays-especially with the addition of technology.  While convenient, efficient, and fast, it is SO easy for misunderstandings when sending a text or a gram (correct terminology?), message, tweet, heck, even a letter (which, while being archaic, is sometimes an awesome treat to receive J)  But you know, that’s just the way things are.  Miscommunications have been happening since the beginning of time…at least I think this has been happening for a while.  Many important (and unfortunate) historical events were caused as a result of miscommunication, from the cause of the Korean War to the ending of the Cold War (see this link for a list of historical events and blunders caused by missed or lack of communication  So, no need to get all hard on yourself about miscommunications.  I doubt you’ve caused any full-fledged wars {if you have}…I still think you deserve a chance at forgiveness-and even if you forgive someone and they do not reciprocate, there is still no reason to stress or hold regret, because it is very likely that the lack of communication or reciprocation has less to do with you than it does with the individual themselves.  If that is the case, you simply have to wish the best for that individual and hope they can come to terms with whatever they are dealing with themselves.

See, that’s the thing.  I think forgiveness should always be on the table.  No matter what.  I also believe that if you fail to forgive yourself or others, that you can just be causing yourself a whole lot of unnecessary stress and strife.

Once you’ve done the forgiving, that’s it.  No need to check in and see to make sure you forgave yourself or that other person “enough.”  You did the best you could and that is that.  You can always revisit whatever mistake you made to try and learn from it, but there is no need to hold on to unnecessary stress over whether or not someone has acknowledged your forgiveness.

Hold on to people that you know will be there for you, ‘cause you’ll need them.  People who are conducive to allowing you to forgive yourself.  You’ll know when you find them.  You’ll feel it.  Even better, try to make yourself your own best and trusted person to hold on to.  Love and forgive yourself, because that’s the realist love and forgiveness you are ever going to get.  However, make sure you are also a “forgiving force” for loved ones, friends, and acquaintances too.



Oh, this felt fitting.  SIA’s “The Greatest.”  A great mood booster in my opinion, anywhere, anytime.

Oh, and here’s more of a ‘bounce back kind of jig ▼

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Just a guy waxing poetic about the funny, fearful, and unknown, all based on the occurrences and musings of daily life and spirituality.

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